Chirasree Roy Chaudhuri

Teaching & Research.mentoring post graduate and PHD Students
Indian Instt. Of Engg. Science and Technology
Member of Research Council
CSIR CSIO Chandigarh


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I am motivated to contribute to society through relevant research activities. I am inclined towards development of point-of-care diagnostic devices which will be label free, yet sensitive and specific enough for early disease detection. One of my research contributions is in this area where I have published around 50 papers in peer reviewed journals including nature indexed groups. The contribution has also been acknowledged in the form of various awards. This interdisciplinary research has been carried out in collaboration with different institutes. Another interest of mine is catering towards safety of lone elderly citizens in a non-invasive manner, without the use of cameras. I had taken the initiative to conduct field trials of the system through a NGO, operated by Kolkata Police, called Pronam. The work has presently been transferred to a medium scale industry. A patent has also been published in this aspect. For convenient teaching during pandemic, I have been instrumental in developing a smartphone app in collaboration with technical members of our Department to conduct experiments in a real-virtual hybrid mode where the students after logging in can control the actual hardware through the app (a facility not available in complete simulation environment). This has helped to develop better insight of the experiment. Being a member of Indian National Academy of Science, has benefitted in accomplishing my passion towards conducting science outreach programs. Also passionate about igniting young minds towards pursuing a creative career and make a difference.