Fatma Sezer Şenol Deniz

Associate Professor
Gazi University


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I was born on October 2nd, 1985, in Bursa, Turkey. I earned my undergraduate degree from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Gazi University, in 2007. I completed my M.Sc. in 2009 and my Ph.D. in 2016 at the Department of Pharmacognosy, Graduate School of Health Sciences, Gazi University, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ilkay Erdoğan Orhan. During my master, Ph.D., and post-doctoral studies, national/international scholarship was provided by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey). I received the “Encouragement Award” which is given to young researchers by the Academy of Pharmacy-Association of Turkish Pharmacists, in 2017, as well as the “Outstanding Young Scientists Award (GEBIP)” by the Turkish Academy of Sciences in 2020. I was promoted to Assoc. Prof. position by the Higher Education Council of Turkey in 2018. I performed my post-doctoral studies under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Günther Bonn at the Austrian Drug Screening Institute (ADSI, Innsbruck/Austria). I am working at the Department of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Gazi University since 2009. I conduct research on medicinal plants' phytochemical analysis and biological activities (various in vitro enzyme inhibition models, antioxidant activities, and others), development of cosmetic formulations from herbal extracts. Finding new acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase enzyme inhibitor molecules from natural sources with ELISA microplate reader using robotic screening methods and in vitro and in silico screening of herbal extracts and some plant-derived compounds against enzymes associated with Alzheimer's disease are among my research interests. My studies during my doctorate focused on the research of herbal extracts with antioxidant effect, elastase, collagenase, and tyrosinase enzyme inhibition that can be used in herbal dermocosmetic products. According to the results from these studies, I researched the development of herbal-based dermocosmetic products by using 3D cell culture methods and effectiveness and reliability tests in my post-doctoral studies. I am the author/co-author of 86 scientific papers published in journals indexed by SCI / SCI-Exp and 10 published in other journals. I am the author/co-author of 1 national and 3 international book chapters. The number of citations to my articles is 1450 in the web of science (WoS) index, and the h-index is 22 (July 2021). Since 2007, I have had 31 oral and 87 poster presentations in international and national congresses. I have been working on projects supported by the University Scientific Research Fund and TUBITAK as a researcher/manager, and I have 1 national, 2 international patents, 3 patent applications, and various R&D awards.